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Key Corporate Training AB

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Intercultural Leadership

Intercultural leadership

During our presentations, our audiences do much more than just listen to us. They interpret us and judge us too. They look for meaning in everything we do, in every gesture, change of tone and eyebrow raise. They listen for whether our delivery matches our words and if they do, we generally come across as honest, credible and persuasive communicators.

Persuasive Communication looks at how we can maximise on the aspects which the audience are subconsciously looking out for. We look at how we can use our non-verbal communication together with powerful rhetorical devices to ensure that not only has our message come across, but that our audience are fully convinced by it.

The workshop can be adjusted in line with customer’s needs and goals.The training is a blend of trainer inputs, activity and feedback and is hands-on, practical and reality-focused.

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To reach quality results, this training is highly interactive, hands-on and practical.

In this way, the training is relevant and immediately applicable to the participants' workplace.

Learning elements: