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Intercultural Leadership

Intercultural leadership

Cultural diversity in the workplace has become the norm – for example, colleagues from different countries, customers in other geographical locations or management teams on another continent. In this international environment, it is crucial that we can leverage on the differences that exist in order to build synergies and get the job done. But often the cultural differences we encounter can lead to frustration and, in the worse case, conflict. This has a direct impact on the productivity and efficiency of an organization.

Intercultural competence training provides you with improved knowledge and understanding of the cultural behaviours, values and expectations of others in order to contribute to smoother working relationships. In addition, the training equips you with strategies for dealing with potential problems and for building on cultural differences to create success.


Competence development comes in a variety of forms

one-two day courses

half day seminars

short lectures

key note presentations

cultural profiling of individuals and teams

cultural general focus

country-specific focus

intercultural competence

intercultural leadership   


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